1. Nabokov

    Late Nabokov:
    Majestic senility.


  2. Day

    The yellow day
    Is the longest day,
    The yellow day
    Is the forest day,
    It is frosted in the middle of May,
    That’s how you learn this is a yellow day.


  3. Superman

    In the window
    He stood
    His cape boiling


  4. Anger

    She was throwing a tantrum
    Collateral fractal


  5. Waterfall

    He opened the first in history
    Stony waterfall,
    And sincerely did not know
    What else he could do.


  6. Fuchsia

    In the fuchsia dress
    It is possible to sit only
    On the wooden benches.


  7. Elevator


    “Proliferation of the little worlds”
    Kathleen Stewart

    Ephemera and Americana
    An elevator softly rings,
    Letting us go,
    Letting us go.
    Proliferation of the little worlds
    Under the vigilant eye

    They fork under your feet,
    They spring from every movement,
    American as hell
    And ephemeral.


  8. Orchid

    Studied with no respite
    Origami diagrams
    And learned how to extricate an orchid
    Out of thin trembling air.

  9. Iris / Ирис


  10. Flâneur

    A beautiful flâneur

    Walkes right in the window

    With tigers

    And tigress.