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  2. Flâneur

    Flâneur researched by Baudelaire
    Baudelaire researched by flâneur


  3. Poem

    Contemplating the bite of a fireant,
    I make sure no allergy has access to me;
    I care nothing about passwords,
    Since I do not cherish the accounts.
    It’ll be sad to part with the member of my body,
    But grackle would give me its prey.

    I’ll smoke my last cigarette For you in your cave To feed a tender bear.

  4. Tenure

    My tenure in macademia
    Is a sure thing.


  5. Camel


    Debris of a camel
    In the middle of the road
    The torn tires
    Tiresome tires
    The cubes of the glass scattered
    The pieces of the headlights
    And three hundred miles ahead.


  6. Spam


    What a beautiful spam,
    What would you like to remember?
    A memory stored in-between remembrances,
    Resemblances and disassemblances,
    Because of the City robots with their membranes
    Less seamless than I could have wished.


  7. Eating

    Description of food
    Alchemy of cooking
    Within the frame of cuisine;
    On the same dinner plate
    There are onions and carrot
    Just like we are
    On the same empty page.


  8. Nabokov

    Late Nabokov:
    Majestic senility.


  9. Day

    The yellow day
    Is the longest day,
    The yellow day
    Is the forest day,
    It is frosted in the middle of May,
    That’s how you learn this is a yellow day.


  10. Superman

    In the window
    He stood
    His cape boiling